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Launching a Quadratic Funding round for SEA communities

Support local communities today. Devcon contributes $30K to matching pool

Posted by Devcon Team on June 14, 2024

Launching a Quadratic Funding round for SEA communities

Dear Ethereum explorers,

Announcements are coming one after another as we get closer to Devcon. Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a quadratic funding round for SEA communities by clr.fund!

We see the excitement and grassroots energy in Southeast Asia growing and have witnessed the passion from local builders firsthand during our SEA tour in April.

A special initiative: Quadratic funding for SEA communities 👏

Southeast Asian Ethereum communities are organizing a quadratic funding round together with clr.fund specifically for the region! The Devcon team is proud to support this initiative by contributing to the matching pool with 30.000 USD. This funding method emphasizes the importance of community choice, allowing the preference of community members to guide the distribution of funds.

Support local communities in SEA, and donate now. The 30K USD matching pool will elevate your contribution.

If you want a refresher on what quadratic funding is and how it works, here is a great explanation.

The Road to Devcon Southeast Asia 🌏

In April, we met communities in Hanoi 🇻🇳, Bangkok 🇹🇭, Chiang Mai 🇹🇭, Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾, Phnom Penh 🇰🇭, Jakarta 🇮🇩, Manila 🇵🇭, and Singapore 🇸🇬. Each organized meetups and brought together Ethereum community members in their unique ways.

We saw young students curious about open-source technologies, community leaders come together to brainstorm how to work together to foster Ethereum development, packed meetups (despite the national holiday season!) during Songkran, and so much vibrant energy and enthusiasm celebrating the achievements of community members.

What is the Road to Devcon (RTD)? 🛣️

The Road to Devcon is a series of events and a movement driven by the local communities in SEA. The RTD reflects our commitment to supporting these grassroots activities, where ideas flourish and new community leaders are born.

Want to get involved? Check out the RTD calendar here and join a meetup close to you.

The Road to Devcon serves as a reminder of the incredible potential and passion of the Ethereum community in the Southeast Asia region. And this is just the beginning! There's still plenty of time until we gather for Devcon. Let's keep the momentum going, and if you are located in SEA and want to contribute to the Road to Devcon, check out the RTD grants program here.

Get involved in Devcon 🤝

✨Devcon Farcaster Frames: Join the bounty hunt for 5 Devcon tickets by creating fun and useful frames to build excitement and awareness. 🐶We value community involvement and dogfooding of Ethereum projects that align with Ethereum values. Suggest your ideas to improve Devcon. 🌳We launched the Devcon SEA Supporters Program, which benefits Ethereum public goods and important projects. Get involved as Supporter or Impact Team.

Stay tuned 📻

Get notified when 🎟️ticket sales and 🎤speaker applications start via newsletter, on X/Twitter, Lens, Farcaster, Instagram, and Facebook.

Keep building, and stay inspired!


Devcon team 🦄

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